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Bundling Ally Program

Our "Bundling Allies" are local Dallas non-profits that meet the criteria to be a GLFD beneficiary. In addition to recognizing individual donors for their support, a Bundling Ally also recognizes GLFD for the total amount of bundled gifts from all donors on an annual or other basis. Individual donors continue to receive all of the same benefits they would have otherwise received from their individual donation and in many cases the Bundling Ally and GLFD partner for special events open to participants in the bundling program. Currently, you can choose to bundle your membership with the Dallas Arboretum!


How To Become an Ally

Any Bundling Ally of the Fund must be a local Dallas area 501(c)3 non-profit organization and must meet the following basic criteria:


  • Serve non-gay-focused causes

  • Have an employment nondiscrimination policy that includes sexual orientation

  • Openly recognize the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Dallas as the grant source


In addition to meeting the basic GLFD beneficiary criteria above, Bundling Allies are selected by the GLFD Board based on the following general considerations:


  • Level of interest of GLFD members and donors in the organizations' mission, programs, and services

  • Degree of meaningful visibility that will result from partnering with the organization

  • Level of organizational and logistical support to be provided by the partnering organization

  • Willingness of the organization to provide recognition of individual donors in addition to recognition of GLFD for the total            amount of donations over a fixed period of time

  • A GLFD Board member must agree to serve as a liaison with the organization

  • No conflict with another existing Bundling Ally


To be considered as an Ally of GLFD, please Contact Us 

A Few of Our Current & Past Allies: 






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